Delaware Chickens

Delaware chickens, although a newcomer in the world of fowls, are a product of intensive university research in the science and art of chicken genetics. A splendid crossbreed of the New Hampshire Reds and Barred Plymouth Rocks, these birds were developed in an effort to increase commercial egg production. A success on so many different bird levels, the Delawares have been rapidly gaining in popularity and range of chicken keeping especially in the more temperate zones of the United States.

Poster Chicken for Small Farming Projects

At seven decades old, the Delaware chickens are new to the scene of small-farming endeavors but have made such a prodigious splash in the thousands of postage-stamp sized acreage that they are rapidly becoming the fowl of choice for so many chicken breeders across the planet. To set the eyes on this fine breed is to see what a real, proud chicken is all about. These birds are wonderfully marker with black feathers around the neck and the tip of the tail, and with some black striations also working their way into the sloping back areas of this beautiful creation.

Feathered Friends or Table Fare?

To say that these birds are one of a kind would be an understatement as well as a knock on what these types of chickens are predominately suited for in the world of fowl-production. We tend to personalize each breed as a pet, but know all too well that for the majority of those that purchase these Delawares, it is the meat and eggs that are of most value. Does this mean that you will not grow a warm liking and potentially even an adoration for these fine feathered yard friends? Only time will tell as you start to raise the Delawares as pets or food-based units.